Totally Toes Fitting Kit


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There are only 2 items left in stock.

Oval cushion: Two pairs included; thick and thin. Useful for any sore or tender spots. Dynamic Box Liners: Amazingly effective! A breakthrough in pointe shoe fit and comfort - so revolutionary it's patented! Hugs forefoot around sides and top to make box narrower and prevent painful sliding. Compresses to allow foot expansion in jumping, expands to hold foot up and in place en pointe. No comparison to lambswool, latex foam, or flo pads. Cresents: Second toe longer than big toe? Create a protective pocket for a longer second toe. Option: Add smaller cresents with peel-and-stick backing to larger cresents for extra customized comfort. Mushrooms: Protects and cushions big toe and toenail. Side Cushions: Prevents foot from sliding into box, cushions little toes, uses a minimum of space.


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