Gaynor Minden Sculpted Fit Extra Flex DV Low HEEL (XDL)


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Gaynor Minden’s innovative tting system just got even better.

Our new option is ideal for the arched and tapered foot shape found on many dancers. Sculpted Fit provides a generously cut metatarsal, a narrow heel, and a “sculpted” mid-foot that securely hugs the arch for a beautiful, clean line and even more support.

Sculpted Fit joins our other models, Classic Fit and Sleek Fit, to offer the best possible t to the widest range of foot shapes, enabling dancers to optimize the look and feel of their Gaynor Minden pointe shoes. 

SC     -       8             W        4       X             D          L
Model     Length    Width   Box    Shank     Vamp     Heel